Half dozen the other: Music, walks, and bungled office plans

Six(ish) things I’ve found interesting this week

Orange trees in Sevilla, Spain

The Sociology of John Mayer’s Outfit Guidance I found this writer, W. David Marx, on Twitter this week. I love reading about the psychology and sociology of people’s consumption choices, and this piece is right up that alley.

I’m a Short Afternoon Walk and You’re Putting Way Too Much Pressure on Me A classic from McSweeney’s that is a bit too relatable right now.

Tiny Desk Concert: August Greene I go in waves with Tiny Desk and unearthed this one from a few years ago by the supergroup August Greene, featuring Common and Robert Glasper (who is brilliant). I’ve had “Practice” stuck in my head all week, but in a good way.

More Precise Names for the “Personal Life” Section on Wikipedia “Us Weekly, but free,” from the New Yorker.

Classical Music Doesn’t Have to Be Ugly to Be Good I tend to like John McWhorter’s work (I’ve followed him since way back in my college linguistics courses), but this piece of his for the NYT had “old man yells at cloud” vibes for me. I might write an actual response to this at some point.

So You’ve Decided to Bungle Your Company’s Flexible Work Plan Four common blunders companies are making with their half-hearted attempts to get people back to the office, from Anne Helen Petersen’s fantastic newsletter, Culture Study.

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