Tempest Works Website

I co-own a menswear shop called Tempest Works and maintain its web, blog, and newsletter content.


The shop’s blog, called Field Notes, is a place for announcements, brand and product intros, and a behind-the-scenes look at the shop. The samples below are posts announcing the shop’s grand opening and an introduction of a brand called Still by Hand.

Core Web Content

I’ve also written original product descriptions, brand pages, copy for special events and sales, and core website components like “about us,FAQ, and contact.

Wollersheim Winery & Distillery Blog

I developed and maintained the blog on Wollersheim Winery & Distillery‘s website. My goals were to flesh out the winery’s brand and mission, develop the new distillery brand, connect further with customers through education, and draw more traffic to the winery’s website. (Note: the winery has since redesigned its website, so some posts no longer contain their original images.)

Communicating Winery Mission

A blog is an ideal forum for a brand to expand upon its mission and give examples of carrying out that mission. Two key pieces of the winery’s mission are authenticity and connection to the local community, which these posts illustrate.

Distillery Promotion

The owners of Wollersheim Winery wanted to show why their family business was expanding to include a distillery. When launching the new Wollersheim Distillery brand, I used the winery’s blog to tell the distillery’s story in greater detail than would be suited to social media or traditional advertising.

In the piece “Family Crafted,” I interviewed members of the family and shared the story of how this new venture fits into the family legacy. In another, “Meet the Distillers,” I introduced the faces behind the brand: the father and son-in-law duo who created the distillery’s spirits.

Customer Education

Wine 101 was a series that explored the basics of wine, including production, grape-growing, tasting, and pairing.


The In the Vineyard series highlighted the agricultural side of the wine business, showing what went on in grape-growing throughout the year.