Hi again

Tower Bridge and the Shard from the Thames, London

It’s a bit hard to believe I’ve had this site for seven years. Not that I’ve exactly been active on it for much of that time, but here’s my attempt at resurrection. A few things have changed since my last introduction. I now live abroad and have been working in the talent/people world for about a decade. Bit of a departure from marketing, but it’s given me lots of things about which to have opinions.

I have a feeling this will mostly be commentary on career stuff, especially as it relates to hiring, retention, and other talent topics. But I might do a random departure like the “Don’t Get Outed by Gawker” piece I wrote a bunch of years ago that was moderately successful. I’d also love to do an advice column, so if anyone wants career advice, hit me up.

I’m using this site partly as an exercise in resisting the inertia that comes with perfectionism. So rather than looking for the perfect inspiration, or avoiding certain topics until I feel like I can cover them perfectly and comprehensively, I’m just going to go forth and do.

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