Half dozen the other: Back at it

Six(ish) things I’ve found interesting this week, back after a multi-year hiatus

A lantern in the Meiji Shrine, Tokyo

The Workplace Where It Was Normal for Colleagues to Bite Each Other Alison Green of Ask a Manager explains on Slate how working in a dysfunctional place can screw up your sense of “normal.” Yep, been there.

Why You’re Not “Middle Class” from the YouTuber Second Thought, whose content I recently discovered. A great examination of how “middle class” is just empty rhetoric and where most of us actually fall in the class system.

The Empty Religions of Instagram I have complicated feelings about self-help and this NYT piece captured a lot of them well, along with explaining the intersection of spirituality, self-improvement, and the Instagram aesthetic.

Debunking the Deadliest Craft Hack Ann Reardon of the YouTube channel How to Cook That is doing a true public service with this one. She explains the unbelievable danger of a “craft” known as fractal wood burning and holds YouTube’s feet to the fire for failing to remove content supporting it. And yet YouTube deleted this video for a couple days for violating the site’s “harmful and dangerous” policy. Sheesh.

Should I Work for Free? Old, but resurfaced in some things I was reading this week. A funny, but also accurate, flowchart answering the title question.

The Real Villain in the Gentrification Story The Atlantic outlines who actually causes, and maintains the conditions for, gentrification. And it’s not Millennials and their avocado lattes.

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