Half dozen the other: Kids, faces, and saving both

Six(ish) things I’ve enjoyed this week (-and-a-half-ish)

Killarney National Park in Ireland

Summer Listens #4 I’m loving this summer series from On the Media that digs up fun stories from the archives. This episode is a delightful history of the corporate anthem. (Don’t miss the ending!)

The Children of Strangers An impressively empathetic portrait in last week’s New Yorker of a family that adopted some 20 kids.

Food for Thought Follow-ups to Will Saletan’s tremendous Slate piece about GMO detractors.

The Makeup Tax The Atlantic summarizes how and why makeup-wearing ladies seem to have more career success than their bare-faced sistren.

So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed I started listening to Jon Ronson’s new book via Audible on a long car trip this past weekend. Ronson is a great storyteller and dogged reporter. For a tidy preview, check out this On the Media segment.

The Problem We All Live With This American Life doing what it does best. I’ve always loved their reporting on education, which is a topic dear to Ira Glass himself. This is a striking two-parter, of which I’ve only heard the first half, but can’t wait to jump into the second.

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