Half Dozen the Other: Money, Carpet, and Emily Gould

Six(ish) things I’ve enjoyed this week.

Are you a gentrifier? A funny gutpunch of an interactive from Slate.

Carpet is Mungers I leapt on this essay—which I found via Emily Gould’s great blog post, “Pregnancy is Mungers”—because 1. What is this Mungers? 2. I love Meghan Daum. 3. I’m like a moth to a flame with any piece that has “class issue” in its title. I have a piece brewing about this, too.

GeoGuessr A favorite mental-break-from-work game if you’re like me and like to Street View daydream your way around the world.

What My Novel Cost Me I was on a bit of an Emily Gould kick this week.

Now the Times Wants You to Put Peas in Your Tequila, Too So the NYT Magazine is trolling us with this one, right? Cue Pea-nado 2: The Second One.

It Follows Passes its Score on to Psycho and Vice Versa I love horror movies and It Follows is one of the best to come out in a decade. Go see it. Then, watch this soundtrack switcheroo with Psycho.