Hi there

Might as well dive in. I started this blog for a few reasons:

  1. To have a place to put some pieces I’ve been chipping away at (and motivation to finish and publish those pieces).
  2. To force myself to write more regularly.
  3. To be less terrible at and uncomfortable with self-promotion.

I haven’t really found my beat yet, but I suppose that’s a perk to writing for yourself (for free): you don’t have to dig into a single niche. I like writing about music, language, media, and some current events, which is consistent with my liberal-arts background: I studied Chinese in undergrad and Spanish in grad school, I almost accidentally minored in music in college, and I am more of a dabbler than an expert (hence, no beat). At the moment, I work in PR at my day job, where I landed after a short stint in tech.

We’ll see how this evolves. I hope you enjoy my blog(viation).